“This book is the product of a very good mind and a very good heart. Read it. You’ll love it, and it will change your life ‘for good!’”
—Rabbi Marvin Bornstein, Los Angeles, CA

“This is a delightfully perceptive book! Every new Jewish parent should be given a copy of L’Mazeltov. It is just the sort of guidebook that has the potential to be a parenting classic for those who want to integrate sound obstetrical information with essential Jewish values and customs." —San Diego Jewish Journal

“L’Mazeltov is a one-of-a-kind book for Jewish families! It is a great reference resource for every Jewish expectant mother to have as she goes through the miracle of childbirth. It is full of tradition, facts, and pregnancy advice that is easy to read for the entire family!"
—Einat DuHamel, MD (Obstetrics & Gynecology)

“L’Mazeltov is a fascinating journey. It should be included in every expectant Jewish couple’s library, so that they can leave their children great memories and a tradition to follow.”
—Moshe and Diana Zwang, authors of Palm Therapy: Program Your Mind through Your Palms

"I was so happy to discover the L’Mazeltov program at my local synagogue. I wanted to be able to form relationships with other mothers to meet for playgroups and Jewish holidays and L’Mazeltov was the perfect place to find them!"
-Gwen Damsky-Cohen RN, L'Mazeltov Alumnus

“Over and over again I hear Pam’s calm and balanced Jewish approach to life as the foundation for her inspiring book. I guess you could say she’s the ultimate Jewish mother!”
—Dr. Deborah Eckstein Katz, Psychologist

“L’Mazeltov holds out a wonderful ideal for women and their families. It is my hope that this book helps keep kids Jewish by giving them a glimpse of the culture and tradition that so many of us have been privileged to experience and love.
—Sherry Brown, School Teacher