Why is L'Mazeltov Different?

L'Mazeltov combines the vital essence of two Jewish expressions - "L'Chaim", meaning "To Life", and "Mazel Tov", meaning "Good Fortune".
Preganancy is a very significant time for all expectant parents. It is the perfect time to think about how you want to raise your newborn child and strengthen the connection with your family and community.

Why do we include Judaism in a book about Childbirth Education?
Because giving life is such an important concept in our Jewish Tradition.

L'Mazeltov is a creative integration of Traditional Childbirth Education with an introduction to Jewish Life, Traditions, Values and Philosophy especially for Jewish expectant parents. Enhance your Jewish environment with L'Mazeltov, while learning vital information about your pregnancy and childbirth experience.

Philosophy of L’Mazeltov

Jewish tradition tells us of the sacred joy and privilege of parenthood that gives meaning and purpose to our existence. Jewish tradition emphasizes the specialness of each child- our most precious legacy to the future of Judaism. Raising Jewish children is one of the fulfillments of marriage. It is with these thoughts in mind that Pamela Nadav has created the concept of L’Mazeltov. For some of you, L’Mazeltov will be a “rebirth” of Jewish family life. For others, who have converted to Judaism, it will be a golden opportunity to share in the beauty and traditions of Judaism as you prepare for your child’s birth.

What a wonderful closeness you can share together, preparing for the physical, emotional, and spiritual birth of your baby!